Need data transferred? Recovered? Organized or backed up?

Hard Drive installation & Data Migration

Save yourself the time and hassle of installing an internal or external PC component and let our professional installers take care of it.  Our installers will:

  • Install the supplied hard drive to an existing computer
  • Install and configure software to create a backup schedule that fits your needs
  • Transfer data from your existing hard drive to the newly installed hard drive
  • Transfer up to 40 gigs of data to your new hard drive
  • Configure the hard drive for applicable use

Data Migration

Pictures? Music? Records? Files of any sort can all be moved to your PC or from it, or from any storage device to another (Camera, Ipod, Flash Drive, External Hard-Drive, CD/DVD) Our Pros will:

  • Transfer Data from existing source to new source
  • Verify the data transferred is exact
  • Configure and Organize the data for access according to your needs



Data Backup

Our professional Data Backup Service provides a safe and easy way to transfer data to an external media of your choice.  Our Pros will:

  • (In-Home Only) Transfer up to 9.4GB of data from your computer to a provided backup storage device or medium, such as CD, DVD, network attached storage, internal or external hard drive, or another computer. The recommended CD/DVD Backup Media is a dual layer DVD)
  • Import the data to an installed program or other desired location if applicable
  • Use and external hard drive for onsite data backup assistance if applicable

Data Recovery

Everyone makes mistakes, our data recovery specialist provides data restoration of lost and deleted files after they've been erased.  Our specialists will:

  • Restore data from your PC, even if it's been permenantly deleted from the recycle bin.
  • Recover deleted data from Flashdrives, CD/DVDs and other external media sources