Your Home Network!

Need your network setup? Or is it just not working? We have you covered!

Home Network Setup

Setting up your wireless network can be time consuming and confusing.  Save yourself the frustration and let us take care of it!  Our Pros will:


  • Setup and configure wireless network connection with existing ISP (your existing ISP must be functioning at the time of installation)
  • Connect a wireless router to ISP modem and update router firmware
  • Change SSID, administrator username (if applicable) and administrator password
  • Enable wireless network encryption for added security
  • Networ (1) or more compatible computer or device, including file sharing and print servers, network ready printers, TVs, home theatre equipment, VoIP devices, game consoles, Apple TV, TiVo, media center extenders and Slingbox
  • Test wireless connection for proper fucntionality
  • Troubleshoot connectivity issues, including reconfiguration and reconnection to the internet (if applicable)


Please note, PCs must be functioning and virus, spyware, and malware-free at the time of service.

Network Device Addition

Our Network Device installation Service provieds installation of 1 electronic device on your home wired or wireless network.  Please note that you must have a functioning ISP at the time of installation.  Qualifying network devices include:

  • Mac
  • PC, Laptop, Netbook
  • Access point
  • Print Server
  • Wireless range extender
  • Game Console
  • TiVo or Slingbox

Troubleshoot My Home Network

Get to the bottom of what's causing your network to function improperly.  Our Pros will:

  • Determine the reason for improper network functioning
  • Troubleshoot and repair network connection
  • Ensure networked peripherals are reconnected and functioning properly
  • Troubleshoot your router and hub
  • Set up security for each account
  • Test each device for functionality

Router and Hub Configuration & Support

Maximize the performance of your router and hub with our professional Configuration and Support Service.  Our pros will:

  • Troubleshoot Router and Hub
  • Setup Security for each account
  • Test each account for functionality